The Southwestern Pennsylvania Synod Council

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Actions of the Synod Council: JULY 21, 2019 Actions of the Synod Council: JULY 21, 2019 (230 KB)

The synod council is the interim legislative authority between meetings of the synod assembly. Among the responsibilities of the synod council are:

  • Recommending program goals and budgets to the assembly
  • Carrying out the resolutions of the assembly
  • Providing annual reviews of the roster

Bishop: The Rev. Kurt F. Kusserow
Vice President: Barbara Nugent (VP-elect)
Secretary: The Rev. William Schaefer (Secretary-elect) 
Treasurer:  Jane Bittcher

Synod Treasurer Guidelines Synod Treasurer Guidelines (186 KB)

Terms expiring in 2021:


Christina A. Hough
Bruce P. Nordeen
Robert J. Schaefer +
Kimberly M. van Driel +


Tricia Christman
Kathye Schaeffer
John Webb
Jacob Zaffuto

Terms expiring in 2023:


Sarah Rossing +
Susan A. G. Irons
James V. Arter III
Kerri L. Clark


Dennis T. Lane +
Kelly Spanninger
Dr. Wendy Farone
Amy J. Schultz
Myra L. Fozard
Fiona Lubold (Young Adult)
Noah Schaefer (Youth)

 + indicates Executive Committee member

OFFICERS:  The Rev. Kurt F. Kusserow, Bishop; Barbara Nugent, Vice-President (elect); The Rev. William Schaefer, Secretary (elect); Jane Bittcher, Treasurer