The Southwestern Pennsylvania Synod Council

Actions of the Synod Council: October 6, 2018 Actions of the Synod Council: October 6, 2018 (600 KB)

The synod council is the interim legislative authority between meetings of the synod assembly. Among the responsibilities of the synod council are:

  • Recommending program goals and budgets to the assembly
  • Carrying out the resolutions of the assembly
  • Providing annual reviews of the roster

Bishop: The Rev. Kurt F. Kusserow
Vice President: R. Brandon James
Secretary: Jeannette Christensen 
Treasurer:  Jane Bittcher

Guidelines for Synod Treasurer:

For a document outlining the position description for synodical Treasurer, please download the following document:

Synod Treasurer Guidelines Synod Treasurer Guidelines (186 KB)

Terms expiring in 2019:


Ross I. Carmichael
Nathaneil Christman
William A. Schaefer
Clifton J. Suehr


Betty Albright
Christopher D. Atwood
Susan K. Devine
Rachelle Fritz
Sarah Lundie
Andrew Sabol
Kyra Short

Terms expiring in 2021:


Christina A. Hough
Bruce P. Nordeen
Robert J. Schaefer
Kimberly M. van Driel


Tricia Christman
Barbara Nugent
Kathye Schaeffer
John Webb
Jacob Zaffuto