The Southwestern Pennsylvania Synod Council

The synod council is the interim legislative authority between meetings of the synod assembly. Among the responsibilities of the synod council are:

  • Recommending program goals and budgets to the assembly
  • Carrying out the resolutions of the assembly
  • Providing annual reviews of the roster

Bishop: The Rev. Kurt F. Kusserow
Vice President: R. Brandon James
Secretary: Jeannette Christensen 
Treasurer:  Jennifer Kregness

Terms expiring in 2019:


Ross I. Carmichael
Nathaneil Christman
William A. Schaefer
Clifton J. Suehr


Betty Albright
Christopher D. Atwood
Susan K. Devine
Janet A. Flecken
Sarah Lundie
Andrew Sabol
Kyra Short

Terms expiring in 2021:


Christina A. Hough
Bruce P. Nordeen
Robert J. Schaefer
Kimberly M. van Driel


Tricia Christman
Barbara Nugent
Kathye Schaeffer
John Webb
Jacob Zaffuto


We wish to welcome our new Synod Treasurer, Jennifer Kregness!  Jennifer was appointed as Synod Treasurer for a four-year plus one-month term effective August 1, 2016. She has shared some information (below) as personal background and an introduction to her professional qualifications.

“My name is Jennifer Kregness and I am pleased to accept the appointment to serve as the Southwestern Pennsylvania Synod Treasurer. I grew up in Southern California and have been attending the Lutheran church since marrying Steve in 1997. We took our vows at the foot of a beautiful and tall memorial cross atop Mount Soledad with a stunning sunset view of the Pacific Ocean. Now, we are proud to call ourselves “Pittsburghers” as we have resided in the North Hills area since 2006 when Steve was hired by a large Pittsburgh based company and we adore our new view of all four seasons. My professional background includes many years of accounting team work in both private and not-for-profit business entities. I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting from Carlow University in May of 2015. I feel blessed to have been led by God to a service role in our church that requires use of the skills I have been developing for so many years.

Steve and I have two grown children (Gabriella and Lorenzo) and one in high school (Jack). We also have two grandchildren (Julian and Kaya). When I am not busy with my family or my vocation, I can be found knitting, crocheting, singing with the choir at Trinity Lutheran Church in Gibsonia, or playing with our three dogs.”