Big News... We're Moving!

23-Aug-2019 to 23-Aug-2019 Sometimes in the life of the Church, it can feel as though nothing really changes. Yet, at the Synod Council meeting for July 2019, a big change was passed: Our Synod will be selling our office building on Perry Highway and looking for a new location to rent office space. 

Hear more about how pursuit of our mission has prompted this move from Bishop Kurt Kusserow and Vice President Barbara Nugent:

Big Decisions Need Transparency & Trust: Stay Informed of Synod Council Actions
We've elected representatives that we trust to guide our Synod and take big decisions seriously and prayerfully. Their actions are now being posted on our website as part of our commitment to improved communication throughout our Synod:

Visit the Synod Council page of our website for the full list of actions from the July 2019 meeting as well as a listing of council members serving our Synod.