Communication Services

Areas of Responsibility

Overall communication strategy for this synod through providing informational services, programs for communication training and media education, and media programs.

Report to the 2017 Synod Assembly

Have you ever considered what Jesus’s ministry might have looked like in the context of today’s communication tools? It’s almost hard to imagine the communications of His day and how, centuries later, we are still trying to piece together His life and ministry. But what if…
  • Cell phone cameras had recorded His miracles for posting on YouTube to be flashed around the world in just minutes?
  • Twitter had spread the word about God’s amazing love for us delivered through His Son?
  • All believers could have “liked” Jesus on Facebook?
  • Witnesses to the crucifixion and resurrection posted their stories on the homepage of Jesus’s website?
  • Survey Monkey was used to vote for a favorite sermon by Jesus?
  • If those who wanted to see Jesus in person Googled His next location and used GPS to find Him?
We could go on and on … And yes, Christianity might have taken a very different path. Today, we are blessed with all these tools and so many others that can easily and quickly unite us as a family of faithful followers of Jesus. They also can help us to witness and spread the Good News.

As the Communications Services Committee of the Synod, we have a dedicated and gifted group of volunteers who know how to use these technologies—and so much more. For example, our Video Ministry team has been hard at work helping congregations to produce professional-quality videos to profile their congregations and promote stewardship. We are also at work behind the scenes to research new technologies and introduce new communication ideas.

But of course, simply having these tools is not enough. We need your input to bring them to life. You can post what’s happening in your congregation directly to Facebook (SWPA Lutheran Synod) and Twitter (SWPA Lutheran Synod--@SWPASynodELCA). You can also email ideas for the website, Living Lutheran magazine articles and any other communications to 
Finally, as I finish my term as chair of this committee, I want to thank Pastor Sarah Lee-Faulkner, Gloria Knezovich and the entire team for a wonderful experience. I have learned a lot and developed deep friendships—and I look forward to continuing to work with the Committee as a resource.

But most importantly—please use our available tools to communicate with us and each other. We know that you have a lot to say!


Committee Members

Chairperson: Janice G. Jeletic
Secretary: Myra L. Fozard
Synod Council Representative:  Pastor Brian Chaffee
Clergy:  Pastor Tara Lynn
Laypersons:  Gene O. Fozard; Bruce M. Letterle; Judith J. Rogers; Carrie Nurnberger-Lane; Nadine Simon
Resource Persons:  Dennis T. Lane; Holly O. Schmitt
Staff:  The Rev. Sarah Lee-Faulkner, Assistant to the Bishop 

In case you missed our Committee's session at Synod Assembly, below are two tools to help your congregation build a social media presence.  Also, please email your story ideas and photos for the website, Facebook page and insert in The Lutheran to

Social Media Helpful Links Social Media Helpful Links (102 KB)


Social Media and Congregations Social Media and Congregations (298 KB)