Communication Services

Areas of Responsibility

Overall communication strategy for this synod through providing informational services, programs for communication training and media education, and media programs.

Report to the 2018 Synod Assembly

This year has been one of reflection and adjustment for the Communication Services Committee. The communication needs of the synod are big. The resources required to accomplish those communications are also big. Current limited financial and volunteer resources do not seem to support our needs or the committee’s vision to meet them.

So we had a heartfelt meeting with Bishop Kusserow to express our concerns and determine how best to proceed. We arrived at several conclusions:

  • To execute our mission as stated in the synod’s by-laws, we will create a comprehensive communications strategy for the synod that includes the right tools and communications, regardless of the resources required.
  • As a committee of volunteers, we will recommend the steps that we can reasonably take as volunteers to execute portions of the plan. 
  • The committee will work with Synod Council and the staff of the synod office to provide guidance and recommendations for additional resources to implement the balance of the plan.
  • We will provide regular reports to Synod Council detailing our actions, recommendations, and concerns, looking to council for support and guidance.
  • We will ramp up our presence on Facebook as a social media tool to engage the congregations and members of the Synod.
Work in all of these areas began early in 2018, and we are making progress toward these goals. Because a good communications plan is a living, breathing document that changes to meet changing needs and priorities, we will continue to amend the plan as we go forward.

In the meantime, we continue to need all of you! We depend on the congregations and members of the synod to help us by supplying information and story ideas, to provide photos for the website, to write for the synod’s insert to the Living Lutheran magazine, to suggest ideas for our video ministry, and to like and follow us on social media. Remember, every congregation has interesting missions and stories to tell! Questions, news and information can be sent to

It has been an unexpected pleasure to continue as interim chair of the committee this past year during this pivotal time. I thank all the members of the committee for their continued dedication and support. It’s a talented and experienced group which takes the mission of the committee seriously. I also thank Pastor Sarah Lee-Faulkner for her leadership and guidance over the past several years, and welcome Pastor Peter Asplin to our team.

Respectfully submitted,
Janice G. Jeletic, Interim Chairperson


Committee Members

Interim Chairperson: Janice G. Jeletic
Secretary: Myra L. Fozard
Synod Council Representative:  Pastor Bruce Nordeen
Clergy:  (No current clergy members of committee)
Laypersons:  Gene O. Fozard; Loran Bohman, Bruce M. Letterle;  Carrie Nurnberger-Lane; Nadine Simon

Resource Persons:  Dennis T. Lane; Holly O. Schmitt; Judi Rogers

Staff:  The Rev. Peter D. Asplin, Assistant to the Bishop; Lauren Wolcott, Synod Communicator

In case you missed our Committee's session at Synod Assembly, below are two tools to help your congregation build a social media presence.  Also, please email your story ideas and photos for the website, Facebook page and insert in The Lutheran to

Social Media Helpful Links Social Media Helpful Links (102 KB)


Social Media and Congregations Social Media and Congregations (298 KB)