Congregational Life

Areas of Responsibility

The Congregational Life Committee is responsible for equipping and enabling congregations in the areas of
  • worship
  • witness/evangelism
  • Christian education
  • spirituality
  • family life
  • congregational social ministry

Report to the 2016 Synod Assembly

The Congregational Life Committee is a resource and support for congregations as they continue to be welcoming and caring communities of faith in an ever changing culture. In 2015, a booklet, “Resources for Ministry with LGBT Persons and Communities”, was prepared and distributed to congregations. Two events were also provided for clergy and laity to further inform on these issues. The committee will continue to provide such events and information.

Other areas in which the committee might provide information and support are also under consideration. The diminishing size and aging of some of our congregations, racism, providing care for the disabled in our congregations, the rise of classism are but a few of the issues under consideration. Other suggestions from congregations and pastors are welcomed. After all, we all share in the beautiful mission of being communities of faith that are open, welcoming and caring.

Committee Members

Chairperson: Pastor James W. Dollhopf
Secretary: Pastor Allyn K. Itterly
Synod Council Representative:  Sarah Lundie
Clergy:  Pastor Richard W. Krug; Pastor Michael Robinson
Laypersons:  Rachelle Fritz; Kenneth W. Neundorf; Dorothy Zaffuto
Synod Staff Liaison:  The Rev. Sarah Lee-Faulkner, Assistant to the Bishop