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Areas of Responsibility

The Global Mission Committee is responsible for global mission education and advocacy, providing educational events and programs on Global Missions, and support for missions and missionaries.

Report to the 2016 Synod Assembly

The Committee has continued its connection to the Tulear Synod in Madagascar, building on the relationships strengthened during the Synod Mission Trip to Madagascar in 2014. Members of the committee continue to share the story of the trip, and of our Lutheran sisters and brothers, as we speak to pastors and congregations across the synod. Congregations that desire to have a presentation about the trip are encouraged to contact the synod office.

The highlight of the committee’s work this last year was a Global Mission Event, hosted at St. John’s Lutheran Church, North Versailles, October 24-25. Over the weekend, attendees had the opportunity to see a display with items brought back from the trip (including vanilla extract made from genuine Madagascar vanilla beans), eat a typical meal that would be served in Madagascar, see a power point presentation of the trip, and interact with several of the eight synod members who went on the trip.

Our synod is one of four ELCA synods that have companion synods in the Malagasy Lutheran Church. Representatives from the Central Southern Illinois Synod, the West Virginia-Western Maryland Synod, the Rocky Mountain Synod, and the Southwestern Pennsylvania Synod met in August in Chicago to coordinate our ministry in partnership with the Malagasy Lutheran Church. The group also connected with Global Health Ministries, a Lutheran agency that has been doing much with the Malagasy Lutheran churches in the area of improving their system of health care.

A particular focus of the August Consultation was several upcoming elections for president (bishop) in the Malagasy Church. Both Presiding President Modeste and President Trabonzy of the Tulear Synod are retiring this year. The four bishops from the four ELCA Synods have committed to traveling to Madagascar in February 2017, to meet the new Presidents, and to keep our connectedness to each other in Jesus Christ strong.
Our synod continues its relationship with the Tulear Synod through Alice Curry. Alice is a member of East Liberty Lutheran Church and is serving for one year as a Young Adult in Global Mission (YAGM) in Tulear. You can read her blog at

Currently, the committee is undergoing a transition in leadership. If you have an interest in connecting with Lutherans in Madagascar and around the world, contact Pastor Ed Sheehan at the synod office. The opportunity to learn from our brothers and sisters in differing cultures and places is a wonderful thing!

Committee Members

Chairperson: (vacancy)
Secretary: (vacancy)
Synod Council Representative: Janet A. Flecken
Clergy: Pastor Steve Broome
Laypersons:  Miranda Pino; Carole Higenbothum; Megan Schwerzler
Resource Person:  Marsha L. Davis
Staff: The Rev. Edward F. Sheehan, Assistant to the Bishop