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The Global Mission Committee is responsible for global mission education and advocacy, providing educational events and programs on Global Missions, and support for missions and missionaries.

Report to the 2017 Synod Assembly

The Committee this year has focused on support of the trip to our Companion Synod, the Tulear Synod of the Malagasy Lutheran Church, Madagascar. In February 2017, three members of the synod went on a mission trip to Madagascar. The visit was a joint effort of the four ELCA synods that have companion synods in Madagascar: West Virginia-Western Maryland Synod, Central Southern Illinois Synod, Rocky Mountain Synod, and our synod.

The four bishops were each accompanied by a few members of their synod. The purpose of this joint visit was twofold: to continue to strengthen relationships with our Lutheran sisters and brothers in this Reformation anniversary year, and to get to know the newly elected Presidents (Bishops) of the national church and the various synods.

Bishop Kusserow, Pastor Heather Lubold, and Pastor Brandon Johns went on the trip from our synod. After a long flight to Madagascar, they met with their travelling companions from the other three synods. As a group, they met with President David, the newly-elected Presiding President of the Malagasy Lutheran Church, in Antananarivo, the capitol. There they also toured the Women’s Center and met with the General Secretary of the Women’s Association.

The four synods then went to their respective Companion Synods. In Tulear, Bishop Kusserow and Pastors Lubold and Johns met President Modeste, the newly-elected President of the Tulear Synod. He accompanied them in a tour of ministry sites throughout the synod. One positive outcome of this visit was the establishment of a regular email connection with a professor at the university who speaks English well. This will greatly facilitate communication between the Tulear Synod and our synod, which has been an obstacle in the past.

In addition to work with the Tulear Synod, the committee rejoiced that another young adult from the synod, Molly O’Brien, is serving in the Young Adult in Global Mission program (YAGM). She follows in the footsteps of Alice Curry, a member of East Liberty Lutheran Church, who completed a year’s stay in Madagascar in summer, 2016. Molly is a member of Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Scenery Hill, and was commissioned on August 8, 2016, to serve for a year at Yirara College, Northern Territory, Australia. There, she has joined the staff to serve Indigenous students from remote communities in the Northern Territory. She helps work with students to develop living skills, worldviews, and Christian faith, enabling people to respect and live out their spiritual and cultural identities.

Currently, the Committee is in a time of transition, and is looking for persons who have an interest and passion for connecting with Lutherans around the world.

Committee Members

Chairperson: (vacancy)
Secretary: (vacancy)
Synod Council Representative:
Clergy: Pastor Steve Broome
Laypersons:  Megan Schwerzler
Resource Person:  Marsha L. Davis

Staff: The Rev. Peter D. Asplin, Assistant to the Bishop