Areas of Responsibility

Responsible for affirmation and support of the ordained, associates in ministry, diaconal ministers, deaconesses, specialized ministries, and laity in their ministries; continuing education for the ordained, associates in ministry, diaconal ministers, deaconesses, and laity; candidacy preparation programs for ordination and associates in ministry, diaconal ministers, and deaconesses; and liaison to seminaries.

Report to the 2018 Synod Assembly

The Ministry Committee affirms and supports our rostered leaders as well as laity in their ministries. While deliberating issues that support our ministers, our guiding principles are to enhance the unique needs of the church while considering issues of fairness and justice. The committee oversees the continuing education for rostered pastors and deacons as well lay leaders, the candidacy preparation program and provides a liaison to seminaries. We are grateful for all the other committees that assist in the affirmation and support of our synod’s ministries.

Currently our synod has 22 Lay Worship Leaders and offered a course this spring to prepare additional laity as supply preachers throughout our synod. Our thanks to the Rev. Dr. David von Schlichten, the Rev. Kimberly Rapczak, the Rev. Christina Hough and the Rev. Scott Hall who served as instructors during the Lay Worship Leader training.

Our synod’s Candidacy Committee continues to work in conjunction with the West Virginia-Western Maryland Synod to oversee the process of preparation of candidates to ordained ministry and deacons. This committee also examines rostered persons transferring from another denomination or seeking reinstatement. Prospective seminary and other candidates are encouraged to contact our synod office for more information.

Our committee thanks the committees who organize our Theological Convocation at Antiochian Village, First Call Theological Education, the Lay School of Theology, and the Retired Servants.

During this past year the committee has studied the seminary debt of our rostered leaders who have served for ten years or less. We surveyed the current debt of the rostered leaders, the debt reduction offered by other synods and what limited financial support could be provided by our synod at this time. A plan for distribution of our limited resources will be presented to the Synod Council at its meeting in May.

Finally, our committee has recommended to the Synod Council a 2% increase in base salary and housing for Ministers of Word and Sacrament and a 2% increase in base salary for Ministers of Word and Service for the 2019 Compensation Guidelines in line with the latest COLA. We began studying the Compensation Guidelines for Interim Ministers and at this time have made a recommendation for additional mileage reimbursement based on the contractual nature of that ministry.

Respectfully submitted,

The Rev. Beverly J. Banyay, Chairperson

Committee Members

Chairperson:  Pastor Beverly J. Banyay
Secretary: Pastor Margaret Suhr-Barkley
Synod Council Representative: Tricia Christman

Clergy: Pastor Natalie Hall; Pastor Tim Dawes
Laypersons: Deacon Denise Hegemann

Staff: The Rev. Peter D. Asplin, Assistant to the Bishop