Report to the 2016 Synod Assembly

The Property Committee has the responsibility to manage and maintain the synod campus and to suggest capital improvements that will enhance the ministry of the synod.

In February and March of 2015 the Committee began work on a long range plan for the synod campus by meeting with synod staff, the committees of the synod, the Resource Center, and other stakeholders that use the synod office for work, meetings, and other activities.  Following these consultations the committee engaged a real estate agent to explore options for use of the property by one of our social ministry organizations or other entities.  In short, because of property setbacks and zoning, we dropped the idea of the participation of other agencies in developing the property, and decided to concentrate our efforts on the synod office building.

Several immediate needs have delayed the development of the long range plan for the synod property. In July, it was discovered that one of the supporting pillars on the Ingomar Road side of the building had completely rusted through, causing that corner of the building to drop about 3/4 inch.  Further inspection made it clear that another pillar was failing.  Landau Building Company was engaged to deal with this emergency at the cost of $29,975.97.  This work restored the integrity of the building.

The committee met with the company that services our HVAC system and learned that it was at the end of its life.  The committee recommended to the Synod Council that the system be replaced.  Replacement of the system was put out for bid, and after engaging a mechanical engineer to advise us, it was decided in early 2016 to award A-Comfort Service a contract at a cost of $183,000.00.

During 2015 and early 2016 we also worked on the issue of signage on the building and sought bids to renovate the restrooms used by our tenant in the bottom floor of the synod office building.

As you read this report, it is my hope that we will have a recommendation from the architect engaged by the committee to help us plan the redesign and enlarging of the chapel/conference room, reconfiguring the entryway and vestibule, upgrading restrooms, and reconfiguring the space used by the synod staff.

The Bishop and the Synod Council have been consulted as we move through the process of implementing this phase of the long range plan.  It is the committee’s hope to have a recommendation for the Bishop and Synod Council to implement this part of the long range plan by the fall of 2016.

I would like to thank the members of the committee for their faithful work on behalf of us all.

Committee Members

Chairperson:  Pastor George W. Mendis
Secretary: Pastor James Arter III
Synod Council Representative:  Dennis T. Lane
Clergy:  Pastor Paul L. Lubold; Pastor Matthew Stabe
Laypersons:  Thomas H. Beecher; Jerry Lynn; Eric Damon; Sylvia K. Lynn
Staff:  The Rev. Edward F. Sheehan, Assistant to the Bishop; Robert J. Cairns, Synod Accountant