Report to the 2018 Synod Assembly

This committee is charged with the oversight, maintenance and use of synod property including land, buildings and other physical assets.

In March, 2012 the Synod Council appointed members from around the SWPA Synod to serve on a Synod Property Task Force. The Task Force appointed Chairperson was Pastor George Mendis who recommended that a Synod Property Committee be established. The purpose of this committee was to ‘work in concert with the synod staff and council to oversee the ongoing use, repair and development of the Synod Campus.’ In 2014 the Synod Assembly voted to add Property as a Standing Committee. Since the inception of the committee, work has been done to maintain and improve the Synod Campus. Some of the work completed to date has been the demolition of Luther House, HVAC replacement, leasing of storefront property to State Farm Insurance, and initial study of upgrading office suites.

The Property Committee in recent months leading up to this report became dormant due to the unexpected death of its leader Pastor Mendis in October 2016. In the interim the bulk of the committee work fell upon Mr. Bob Cairns, Synod Staff. As a committee we are appreciative for his extra work and oversight in caring for the Synod Campus.

As a newly re-organized Property Committee our work ahead is to begin again to assess the immediate needs to the Synod Campus. Some of those needs include taking bids on the following projects and then prioritizing projects based upon critical repairs and funding: synod office roof, parking lot, Carriage House viability, renovations and technology upgrades. In addition to this work the Property Committee will also oversee and help in any minor repairs to the Synod Campus moving forward.

As the Chairperson for the Property Committee I want to thank everyone, past and present, for their leadership and service. With very limited resources the SWPA Synod is always in need of its members to offer their time and talents to help assure that our Synod Campus remains a place for our Synod Community to gather for business, fellowship, and friendship. Prayerfully consider then, giving back to God and this great synod by offering your help.

Respectfully submitted,

The Rev. Ronald Brown, Chairperson

Committee Members

Chairperson: The Rev. Ronald Brown
Secretary: (vacancy)
Synod Council Representative:  Pastor William Schaefer
Clergy:  Pastor Robert Gago
Laypersons:  Thomas H. Beecher; Jerry Lynn; Eric Damon; Sylvia K. Lynn; Dennis T. Lane
Staff:  The Rev. Peter D. Asplin, Assistant to the Bishop; Robert J. Cairns, Synod Accountant