Stewardship and Financial Support

Areas of Responsibility

Stewardship programming and education and planning and implementing approved special appeals.

Calendar of Causes 2018

For the calendar of causes for 2018, including links to the websites of our ministry partners, please download the document below:

Report to the 2017 Synod Assembly

John 15:5: I am the vine, you are the branches. Those who abide in me and I in them bear much fruit, because apart from me you can do nothing.”

Our focus in 2016 was again set on growing stewards in our congregations, talking more about Mission Support and telling the stories of how we all work together doing God’s work and stewarding all that is entrusted to us.

Thanks to the grant we received from the Stewardship of Life Institute in the fall of 2015, we were able to bring back Grace Duddy Pomroy from MN as a guest speaker for our October Stewards for Stewardship training event. Grace is the author of two stewardship books and gave us a look at stewardship from a millennial’s view. We were then authorized by the grantor to use the leftover funds to fund our 2017 program. In May the Reverend Kurt Nordby from the Northern Illinois Synod came to lead the Stewards for Stewardship training based on the three year stewardship program he wrote for congregations titled “First, We Give of Ourselves”.

We offered the Money Management training in October. This training was available to all members of our synod, leading the conversation with the biblical direction for our lives in the topics of saving, spending, lending and giving.

A few members of our committee along with “7linemedia” created a video of personal testimonies from people within our synod that have attended the Stewards for Stewardship trainings. This video can be seen from the link on the Stewardship Committee page of the synod’s website. We have also placed a link on the Stewardship Committee page on the synod’s website to a video from the ELCA entitled “Where Does Your Offering Go?”. Feel free to share these videos with your church council and congregation.

We again published our annual Devotional booklet for Church Councils. We are thankful for the support we received throughout the synod and look forward to a new and exciting year ahead.

I want to thank the members of our committee for their dedication to building a better understanding of stewardship within our synod and praying for the mission support from our congregations. Pastor Blair Morgan led us until his retirement in January and is truly missed. Pastor Melissa Stoller is now serving as our new DEM. We welcome her enthusiasm and direction. Many thanks to the hard work of Ray Dittenhafer, Jill Shook, Pastor Frank Podolinski, Keith Devine, Jean Adams, Ray Prosser, Pastor Nathaneil Christman, Pastor Jack Delk and Barbara Artuso.


Committee Members

Chairperson: Barbara Nugent
Secretary:  Keith Devine
Synod Council Representative: 
Clergy:  Pastor Nathaneil Christman; Pastor Frank Podolinski; Pastor Jack Delk
Laypersons:  Jean Adams; Ray Prosser; Raymond Dittenhafer, Barbara Artuso
Staff: The Rev. Melissa L. Stoller, Assistant to the Bishop and Director of Evangelical Mission

Stewardship Video

This inspirational video is a collection of people witnessing of their faith in Christ and the value of a growing understanding that stewardship is really all about our discipleship in Jesus. It includes an invitation to this fall’s Stewards for Stewardship training on October 1. We hope you will take a few minutes to hear from these brothers and sisters in the faith about stewardship and the value of this learning personally and for the life of your congregation. HERE is a link to the "YouTube" video that is linked on our website: (Please be advised that any advertising or promotions after the conclusion of the video are the content of YouTube and not necessarily the synod.)

Where Does Your Offering Go?

ELCA congregations gave $1.8 billion in regular offerings last year. Where does it go? This video shares how your congregational offerings support the ministries of the ELCA and the church around the world. Download: