Synod Conversation with "Luke"

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In a continued effort to belong to each other in in Christ Jesus and steward the Gospel, we are encouraging all within our Synod to read through the book of Luke and share in conversation together. We will be sharing the weekly reading and questions for conversation created for adults, youth, & children by Bishop Kurt Kusserow & Chris Atwood. 

Download Questions Guide:

Luke Reading Schedule – Part 4 Luke Reading Schedule – Part 4 (118 KB)

Chapter 16 July 14-20 (Luke 16:1-13)
July 21-27 (Luke 16:14-31)

Chapter 17 July 28-August 3 (Luke 17:1-19)
August 4-10 (Luke 17:20-37)

Note: Week 34 / August 4-10 (Luke 17:20-37) Bishop Kusserow's guide to understand the apocalyptic literature is found on page 6 of the reading guide.

Chapter 18 August 11-17 (Luke 18:1-17)
August 18-24 (Luke 18:18-43)

Read through the whole Gospel: August 25-31

Chapter 19 September 1-7 (Luke 19:1-27)
September 8-14 (Luke 19:28-48)

Chapter 20 September 15-21 (Luke 20:1-26)
September 22-28 (Luke 20:27-47)

Sample Questions that could be used every week:

  • What caught your eye or your ear?
  • Did you notice or hear anything new?
  • Are there any words or phrases in this text that are very familiar to you?
  • Were you reminded of a hymn by these words?
  • Did anything here make you feel joyful or sad or angry or confused? Why?
  • How does this text shape your life?

In addition to this reading guide, we will share questions weekly on our facebook page. You are invited to share your thoughts in the comments section as well to share these posts within your own congregations and communities. 

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