Prayer Concerns -
January 19, 2020

Second Sunday after Epiphany

Holy God, our strength and our redeemer, by your Spirit hold us forever, that through your grace we may worship you and faithfully serve you, follow you and joyfully find you, through Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord.

Please contact Sandy DeLorenze at the synod office to make changes to or add to prayer requests. 

Prayers for the family of Pastor Horst Bandle.  Pastor Bandle died on Thursday, January 16, 2020.  An obituary notice and arrangements for the funeral are available in the obituary notice, available here: 

obituary notice Pr Horst Bandle obituary notice Pr Horst Bandle (90 KB)


Prayers for the family of Pastor Gordon Hills. Pastor Hills died on Saturday, January 4, 2020. (1/7/20). (an obituary notice for Pastor Hills is available for download - below).

Prayers for Pastor Susie Esseck, who will be having surgery on January 16, 2020 to replace her pain medication pump. (1/7/2020).

Prayers please for some of the synod staff members:  Beth Caywood, for continued recovery from two back-to-back car accidents.  Please pray for Beth as she continues in physical therapy and continues to deal with the after-effects of these accidents.  Prayers for Bob Cairns, for upcoming treatment for prostate cancer, as well as recovery from a recent fall from a ladder.  Bob has broken his humerus bone, and is continuing to heal from that.  Prayers for Sandy DeLorenze, who is suffering from a yet undetermined ailment that is causing daily pain. Please also pray for the staff in the office who are undertaking additional work and duties during this challenging time.  (11/14/19).

Prayers for the family of Pastor Randy Gullickson. Pastor Gullickson died on November 10, 2019. Following is a statement that Pastor Gullickson conveyed a few days before his death: "When you’re staring fully into the abyss of death all you have is faith. Teach this to your children and plant the seeds of faith in their lives. Send your kids to camp, where they can get away from screens and see people face to face, where they can learn the consequences of their actions and watch community happen, where they can feel the wind and the rain on their skin and encounter God in the good creation and in each other, where they can feel the mud between their toes and know that they are loved for who they are."  An obituary notice for Pastor Gullickson is available here:

Gullickson obituary Gullickson obituary (131 KB)


Prayers for Pastor Frank Zeman, who is home recovering from hernia surgery. (10/2/19).

Prayers for Pastor Richard Grance. Pastor Grance is recovering from knee replacement surgery. (8/27/19).

Prayers for Pastor Frank Kantz.  Pastor Kantz is recovering from heart valve replacement surgery.  (8/27/19).

Prayers for Pastor Jack Hernstrom.  Pastor Hernstrom is recovering from lung transplant surgery. (7/12/19).

Prayers for Patricia Royce, who is currently receiving treatment for pancreatic cancer. Mrs. Royce is the mother of Pam Kusserow. (7/10/19).

Prayers for Kelly Moody, sister of Sandy DeLorenze. Kelly is ill with oral cancer. (12/7/18).

Prayers for Pastor Gary Koch. Pastor Koch, who is now living in Allentown, PA, is suffering from some of the effects of worsening Parkinson's Disease. (6/30/15).


          Obituary notice for Pastor Hills:  

Hills Gordon obituary notice Hills Gordon obituary notice (128 KB)