Prayer Concerns -
September 10, 2018

Sixteenth Sunday After Pentecost

Gracious God, throughout the ages you transform sickness into health and death into life. Open us to the power of your presence, and make us a people ready to proclaim your promises to the whole world, through Jesus Christ, our healer and Lord.

Please contact Sandy DeLorenze at the synod office to make changes to or add to prayer requests.

Prayers for The Rev. Wayne Harrison, Interim Executive Director of Camp Agape.  Rev. Harrison has fractures in two tibia bones and will be having surgery. (9/10/18).

Prayers for Pastor Fred Heitzenroder. Pastor Heitzenroder is having surgery for colon cancer in September in Florida. (8/15/18).

Prayers for Marian Aboud, who was in a serious car accident.  Marian is the sister of Pastor Heather Lubold. (8/8/18). --- Update: No major injuries, but sore and bruised. Continuing prayers appreciated.

Prayers for recovery for Pastor Sue Irons, who had laser surgery for a torn retina. (7/30/18).

Prayers for the Rev. Howard Gillette.  Father Gillette, an Episcopal priest serving at Evangelical Lutheran Church in Worthington, has been diagnosed with colon cancer that is attached to his liver. Father Gillette will be undergoing chemotherapy. (7/17/2018).

Prayers for Pastor Tim Dawes. Pastor Dawes is recovering from knee surgery. (6/15/18).

Prayers for Pastor Janice Altenburger as she begins radiation for breast cancer.  (6/3/18).

Prayers for Kelly Moody, sister of Sandy DeLorenze. Kelly is ill with oral cancer. (11/3/17).

Prayers for Pastor Gary Koch. Pastor Koch, who is now living in Allentown, PA, is suffering from some of the effects of worsening Parkinson's Disease. (6/30/15).