Thursday, September 12
9 AM - 3 PM

Trinity Lutheran Church
(120 Sunset Drive, Butler, PA, 16001)

An Ember Day* educational event for all who preach: Pastors, Deacons, & Lay Worship Leaders

Rekindle a passion for preaching the gospel by gathering with colleagues, sharing peer support, and learning the latest scholarship of the book of "Matthew." Starting the day with a Eucharist liturgy, Bishop Kusserow will lead a presentation on ideas for teaching this gospel, followed by breakout sessions to put learning into practice. Whether we enter this study day feeling like the ideas have run out and nothing is making a difference, or that preaching is a joyful experience of calling, we will together search for takeaways and an ignited energy for the pulpit.

*Unfamiliar with the tradition of Ember Days? Philip H. Pfatteicher sheds light on these observances in Journey into the Heart of God: Living the Liturgical Year:

"The turning of the four season of the natural world has been incorporated into the church's calendar. These are the Ember Days, the name derived from the German Quatember, a corruption of quattuor tempore, "the four times." ... Recognizing an increasing estrangement from the agricultural setting of the Church's calendar, [the Church] replaced the Ember Days with prayer for various needs set by regional conferences of Bishops... but eventually replaced by quarterly lectures and examinations in the catechism." (p.67)